ARN certified

There are many environmental acts a car company needs to observe, like sorting waste or taking measures to save energy. However, car companies need to look beyond applying for the required environmental permit. In the car branch you can take all kinds of measures which not only are beneficial to the environment, but are also financially quite attractive, e.g. measures concerning waste management like prevention, storage and sorting, or reducing the use of gas, water and electricity.

It has been legally provided how car companies, municipalities and small and medium-sized enterprises have to deal with waste. ARN helps us meet the legal requirements. Recycling processes are directed, organized, guided and monitored. The collaboration with ARN guarantees that we meet all legal requirements.


KIWA certified

The standard of living in the Netherlands is one of the highest in the world. Every year Dutch people spend millions of euros on cars.

Recycling of valuable parts of those cars is done from a financial-economic as well as an energy saving point of view.