Gebr. Opdam,

with 60 years expertise in car recycling

  • Now over 1 million car parts in stock
  • Over 20 dedicated and professional expert employees
  • Over 70 cars recycled by brand and type per week
  • Parts and materials which do not comply to our standards will be removed and disposed of in compliance with the strictest environmental legislation

The commodities have nearly exhausted, and the landfills full of waste keep on growing. Luckily we have the science and business community whom see it as a challenge to tackle both problems with one solution. After all, recycling (prosperity) waste leads to a far lower use of the commodities. Smart solutions and techniques are constantly improving the recycling efficiency. Gebr. Opdam gladly takes the lead in these developments!

Recycling as an instrument for a better environment goes far beyond separation of harmful substances. Eventually the car industry needs to reach the point it actually re-uses 95% of all the materials and substances in cars, at the lowest cost possible.

Gebr. Opdam car recycling buys damaged cars, sorts them to brand and type, removes any harmful substances, sorts the usable parts and offers them at attractively low prices on the market. This allows our customers to once more use these cars to their full advantage.

For used and new car parts

In our modern industrial complex every week over 70 cars are being recycled. Car parts and materials that do not meet our quality - or environmental requirements, will be removed. Gebr. Opdam constantly have over one million car parts in stock.